Configuration A​/​Quarter to Eighths

by Udo Doldinger

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we got here the first selection of tracks from mythical german mastermind UDO DOLDINGER ---
peep this:
in 1978 this very controversial collection of microtonal works was commissioned by the german military agency DCGFBA which is a top secret organization that few know about even today... these works were supposed to encapsulate and promote the essence of different every-day activities such as festive congregation and scholastic pursuits.
the DCGFBA was planning to control and activate certain parts of the human mind in order to enhance the german people's capacities with this music, and indeed they succeeded... now after so many years, we present this music to everyone... so YOU can enhance your mental capacities...
keep in mind, we give no guarantees!!! if u have no conductive elements open to these vibes u will NOT enjoy their amazing opportunities & gifts.
at last here is a message from UDO DOLDINGER himself:

"In order to reconfigure the variable input versus energy conduits of the mind, it is necessary to understand certain access parameters."


released March 20, 1978

Tonal work: Udo Doldinger
Art: Neb Zider
Distribution, mastering and PR: Cunz Dimension



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